International College of Arts and Sciences,
Graduate School of Nanobioscience,
Yokohama City University

Laboratory of
Plant Developmental Biology


Selected Publications:


Shiota H. (2012)

Protocols for carrot transformation

Protocols for Plant Transformation (Y. Tabei Ed.), Kagaku-Dojin, Kyoto, Japan, pp 234-240. (in Japanese)


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Nucleotide polymorphism in the carrot late embryogenesis abundant gene DC8/ECP63.
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Carrot somatic embryogenesis; as a model system for studying plant embryogenesis.

The Bulletin of Yokohama City University, 60 (2), 6377. (in Japanese)


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Optical isomers of abscisic acid in carrot somatic embryos have the same effect on induction of dormancy and desiccation tolerance.
Plant Biotechnol., 25, 457


Shiota, H., Ko, S., Wada, S., Otsu, C.T., Tanaka, I., Kamada, H. (2008)
A carrot G-box binding factor-type basic region/leucine zipper factor DcBZ1 is involved in abscisic acid signal transduction in somatic embryogenesis.
Plant Physiol. Biochem., 46, 550-558.


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Educational and research programs using aquatic organisms.

The Bulletin of Yokohama City University, 57 (3), 141-147. (in Japanese)


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Expression analysis of genes encoding plasma membrane aquaporins during seed and fruit development in tomato.

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Isolation and characterization of six abscisic acid-inducible genes from carrot somatic embryos.
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LP28, a lily pollen-specific LEA-like protein, is located in the callosic cell wall during male gametogenesis.
Sex. Plant Reprod., 15, 57


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The identification of a pollen-specific LEA-like protein in Lilium longiflorum.
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Acquisition of desiccation tolerance by cultured carrot cells upon ectopic expression of C-ABI3, a carrot homolog of ABI3.
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C-ABI3, the carrot homologue of the Arabidopsis ABI3, is expressed during both zygotic and somatic embryogenesis and functions in the regulation of embryo-specific ABA-inducible genes.
Plant Cell Physiol., 39, 1184

Shiota, H., Kamada, H. (1994)
Recent progress of studies on somatic embryogenesis in artificial seed technology. (in Japanese)
Tissue Culture, 20, 393



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